Why Join?

Connect with other like-minded individuals and corporates to kickstart collaborative innovation

Receive mentorship and
industry guidance to validate your solution

More than
in cash prizes to be won

Access Startup SG Founder grant Worth
$50,000 SGD

Winning teams will have an opportunity to join Action Community for Entrepreneurship’s start-up mentorship programme, BACECAMP*, where a judging panel of Accredited Mentor Partners, can evaluate and support their application for Enterprise Singapore’s Startup SG Founder grant.

*BACECAMP is a structured mentorship programme organised by ACE to equip early-stage start-ups with key insights, best practices and capabilities to start and grow. Participating start-ups would receive mentorship, attend workshops and talks on key topics as well as access a suite of resources provided by ACE’s network of partners. BACECAMP is not a requirement by Enterprise Singapore to apply for the Startup SG Founder grant.

1st Prize

$5,000 SGD cash

2nd Prize

$3,000 SGD cash

3rd Prize

$2,000 SGD cash


2 Consolation Prizes

$250 SGD cash each

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