Frequently asked questions and answers

NONE at all! Accounting Innovation Challenge 2020 is entirely free for participation. All that you’ll need for participation is a good internet connection, your own device and your eagerness to build something awesome.

Yes, of course. Accounting Innovation Challenge 2020 is fully virtual so all you need is a stable internet connection and your own device to take part!

The line-up of events is meant to provide you with the support and guidance you’ll need to succeed at Accounting Innovation Challenge 2020 so these are not prerequisites for participation. The compulsory requirements are that your register your team with us and that you submit your solution by September 10, that’s all!

Yes. You will be able to connect with other interested participants over Discord and make new friends!

We encourage teamwork and sharing of ideas to promote innovation. Each team should comprise of 2-4 persons.

Definitely! We are looking for solutions at the Accounting Innovation Challenge and we need people with diverse skills, not just coders. You do not need strong background skills or industry knowledge, just come with an attitude to learn and a passion to create.

A demo is simply an illustration of your idea, it can be mockups/illustrations/diagrams/a video/a working app or website.

Do join us during our Info Session on 21 August to find out more! If you are not available then, please drop us a message on Facebook: or email us at hello [at] to send in your enquiries.

For enquiries, please contact us at:


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