Challenge Statement



How might we use technology to identify skills and competency gaps that potential recruits and current employees have, to assess “the right fit” for accounting practices and reduce hiring costs? 


How might the accounting sector better optimise manpower and / or augment the existing workforce, to deal with varying levels of resources required during peak and off-peak periods?


How might we create a data extraction and data matching platform for test of details which will replace a large amount of manual effort that typically comes along with performing vouching in an audit process?


How might we leverage technology to reduce manual effort and increase effectiveness when performing financial forecasting and analysis for small and medium enterprises?


How might we leverage technology to connect accounting practices to new international clients, by matching the services required by clients to the capabilities of these practices?


How might we leverage technology to collect and feed ESG data into the preparation process for sustainability reports and financial statements, to enable better monitoring of risk areas where sustainability reports have an impact on financial statements?  

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